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Arabian ranches 1 - Golf area - DUBAI

Street art style.jpg

Villa overlooking the golf course at Arabian Ranches 1.

The particularity of this villa is that the ground floor has no doors, all the spaces communicate with each other.

The challenge was to create cosy spaces by letting the light circulate and keeping this spirit of large space.

White and black, two opposite and allied colours at the same time, are the base of the palette. Coloured touches are present thanks to decorative objects, paintings, cushions... 

Brazilian street artworks bring an artistic and unusual touch at the same time.

The design and production of custom-made objects helped in personalising the interior such as: the console (to support the dining room painting), or a mirror column dressing table (to create the link between the two living-dining room areas) and finally the XXL format hexagon console (to cover the office wall). The large windows allow the interior to be extended outwards.

Thanks to a subtle play of mirrors, the exterior wall comes to life, the vegetation is reflected. This gives a feeling of depth and an intimate atmosphere.


Mix with occident and orient.jpg
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