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Arabian ranches 1 - Al Mahra

Neutral colors style.jpg

This project covers a villa at Al Mahra estate in Arabian Ranches (Dubai) where live a Belgium family with two teenagers. They arrived in Dubai in 2017 from an expatriation in Johannesburg (South Africa). The objective of this project was to create a modern African ambiance but also a "fusion" between an ethnic chic and an Asian style as the family lived also in Seoul (South Korea).

The idea was to imagine different decoration styles by room to create a surprise effect behind each doors...The bigger space is at the basement with an entrance space directly connected with the dinning and living room, appearing like an open space.

We created a link between all spaces by a unique style of "African chic" in neutral colours with different objects and items bought in South Africa, like the suspension light from ''Amatuli'' or the XXL Bulb lamp from ''Weylands'' (Krammerville in Jobourg) but we also created modernity with some transparent and clear design items in (perspex) with the Kartell (Bourgie) lamp or the armchair (Pasha 660) from Kartell also. The wood in the space gives it a cosy feeling.

Wall paper graphic effect in gold.jpg
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