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Contemporary villa in Meydan - DUBAI

Total re-development project for a 400 m2 Contemporary-style villa in Meydan, District one in Dubai.

This project included a complete overhaul of the interior decoration of making the house friendly and warm for the fallibly and visitors.

Another major request was to find a decorative solution to better privatize the interior of the villa with a 7 meters high bay window overlooking the neighboring gardens.

We therefore proposed seeing the architectural structure of the window a graphic design reflecting the artistic style of "Mondrian" with an adaptation of a colored range that we have selected.

The ground floor being an open space we made a study to create different area with different functionality.

We have proposed new lighting, designed and created new claustras and customaed a big wall TV cabinet that can reused in the event of a move.

Upstairs, a study was  carried out for the children's bedrooms, including M2 CREATIONS such as the Pokemon desk sticker in XXL size.

As well as a common play and study room for children.

Outdoor, a landscaping revision and a personalization of the garden was carried out using M2 creation such as mirrors drawn by M2. The creation of 5 Giant bamboos announcing the number of family members in the villa.

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