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Arabian Ranches 1 - Mirador - DUBAI

Pool mirador after.jpeg
Our clients have just rented a villa in Arabian Ranches 1.
Their wish was to personalize their interior:
 - Put parquet in the living room and in their room: For this we adopted a removable floor on a protection that       dampens the noise and does not damage the original tiles if they want to remove the floor at their departure.
 - Review  the stair part by putting parquet on the steps and creating an invisible storage space under the stairs   remains a partition with an integrated door.
- Review the outdoor space : our customers live outside, they want to enjoy the pool to the maximum, eat outside and receive friends. Our idea was to consider their exterior as an interior so we defined the spaces on the ground: Parquet around the pool to accommodate the sun loungers ... lawn in shower and kitchen area, keep the existing ground for the dining table and create a lawn area with built-in light and pergola for the sitting lounge area. 
The connection of all these spaces is done through the background wall that was painted in gray (a tint taken from the floor tiles) and paint the other wall pool side in rust color. This wall is animated by a mirror game like small windows, which gives it a certain depth.
Bang & Olufsen exterior baffles and gray square lights harmoniously and subtly illuminate the two walls.
Mirador Project.jpg
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