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Apartment renovation - Paris - FRANCE


Renovation of a Parisian apartment close to the Eiffel Tower,
this 60m2 apartment contained only enclosed spaces which gave an impression of small rooms.
The customer’s request:
. have a bright living area with sitting area, dining area and American kitchen
. an open kitchen but not visible on the living room side
. a lot of storage
. a large bathroom with plenty of storage

The trick to meet this request was to create a central block from the entrance containing cabinet, drawers and niches on the entrance side,
TV living room side and a lot of storage kitchen side.
The 110m tall grey Corian bar imake the connection betweenf the living room, the kitchen and the entrance area.

On the bathroom side, the idea was to create a custom cabinet to store under the 2 washbasins and a storage cabinet to hide the washing machine.
A large walk-in shower creates visual space.
The trick is in a mirror all height along the washbasins that doubles the bathroom space.


kitchen corner.jpg
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